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A federally recognized non-profit 501c3
U.L.F. Horse and Dog Rescue

TAKE THE KEY CHAIN Campaign challenge!!

The Key Chain Challenge is a simple way that you and your social media community can help us save more horses!  How does it work?  Glad you asked!  
Order one of the keychains here on our site. 
When your keychain arrives, post a picture of yourself and your keychain, with a link to our site or our QR code, and challenge your social media following to do the same!  
Don’t forget to tag us! 
Our Instagram handle is:  dogandhorseofcourse

U.L.F. Horse & Dog Rescue

About Us

Unconditional Love Foundation was founded in Tucson, AZ in 1998, after it’s founder, Yvette Spillman, got an eye-opening introduction into the horrific world of abusive puppy mills. Beginning with dog rescue, at first, the charity was soon able to expand to horse rescue. To date, ULF Rescue has saved over 3000 animals, but that’s not nearly enough … we need your help to expand and grow.

Unconditional Love Foundation, now relocated to Murrieta, CA, is a non -profit, federally registered 501©3 organization, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of horses and dogs in need.  ULF also seeks to host therapeutic programs for women & children, as well as educational outreach to improve the treatment of animals.

Our desired projects require expansion. We seek to raise funds to purchase and build out a 20-acre property we have located near us, in Murrieta, CA, with possible expansion to the surrounding properties.

Animals Rescue is Our Mission... Our Mission is Our Passion.

U.L.F. Horse and Dog Rescue

Help An Animal in Need...Please.

Your supportive contributions enable us to help those in our care. Your generous donations DO make a huge difference.  You help to provide food, shelter, vet care & transport.

Thank you! 

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